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We're On The Right Track, Baby
Paparazzi, Lady GaGa
Let me start by saying, right here at the start that I love Lady GaGa and the song Born This Way.  However, I have a bit of a problem with the concept of being born a certain sexuality. That isn't to say that I don't agree to an extent (I do) however I cannot deny the influence of outside factors on the lifestyle that I lead. And, the song does not say (to me) that we are all born some predetermined sexuality. It says that "we are on the right track."  So, what does she mean when she says "Born this way", then?  I think she means that we are on the path towards who we are. We haven't made it, yet.  And what we are is subject to change. No matter what we are, or will be, we are perfect. I tend to agree.

I believe that we come into this world sexually near the middle of it all, a good, old fashioned, bisexual and from there we are molded by society, family life, popular culture, etc. into the sexual preference that we feel most comfortable with today. I say (and have always said) that I could very well, someday, end up in love with a woman. It wouldn't shock me in the least. There is more to a person than their genitals. Does it seem likely at this point in time? No, quite the contrary, in fact. However, I understand that human sexuality is a fluid thing. I've seen self-proclaimed heterosexual men find themselves in sexual situations with men and find it isn't all bad. I've seen the reverse happen, too. Where gay men fill find themselves enamored with a lady. Things happen.

I don't like that we try to force ourselves into such rigid roles. Why do we need to constantly label ourselves? It is the fact THAT we love that is important, not WHO we love. I'm a man who currently finds himself solely attracted to other men. Simple as that. No further labeling required. Labels are for cans, not people.

I'm happy to be whatever I am and I think that Born This Way is the perfect anthem to express how I feel about my sexuality. It isn't the silly, poorly written song that I've heard people say it is, to me. 

Remember kiddies... "A different lover is not a sin. Believe Him."


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