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5 Random Musings About New York City
NYC, City, Travel
So, I thought I'd just share some random thoughts I've been having since moving here earlier in the week. Expect many more of these. LOL

1. It is so easy to forget that you are living in the center of the universe. It feels just like living anywhere else... Until you step outside and are nearly killed by traffic, that is.

2. TV is annoying everywhere, but New York TV is an experience. Some of the commercials are so awful that I can't even begin to describe them. Try this one on for size:

3. Crazy is just the way people are here. It has come to my attention that no matter how crazy you may or may not be there is always somebody right down the street who is infinitely more fucked up than you. Seriously.

4. I didn't realize how inactive I was until I moved here. Walking everywhere can start to take a toll on your body until you get used to it.

5. Cultural diversity is a beautiful thing. I have always known this, but truly seeing it in action to this scale is amazing. It makes me feel glad to be a part of this city.

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i hope you keep posting about it, so i can vicariously be a new yorker.

You can count on it. I'm certainly going to be talking about New York for a good while.

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