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Things I've Learned From Comments Left By YouTube Users
Bitch of Living
 Hello, class! Today's lecture is about the internet and the wonderful things we can learn from it. 

So, I was watching some videos on YouTube today. You know, that website where people illegally upload stuff all the time. (I'm not complaining...) There used to be a time where I went there to watch videos created by users where they talk about current events or maybe sing an original song or something like that. Now I just go there to listen to music by major artists when I'm too cheap to buy the CD or too lazy to illegally download it. Or, maybe I HATE the song and I just need to listen to it so it will get out of my head. At any rate... YouTube... Yeah, I was there.

I'm jamming out to some Yeah Yeah Yeahs music when I look down and see this little gem of a comment:

'Fuck off faggots, we don't want you here
and i don't care if Glee exposed YYY to more people. They audience is the wrong people'

Let's put on our thinking caps and analyze this brilliant bit of prose. Where to begin, eh? I'd like to start with the total lack of conventions here. My grammar, punctuation, etc. is not perfect. I don't expect perfection. I do, however, expect some effort to be put forth if you'd like me to take you seriously.  Fede018, obviously, has not.

Next let's look at the complete lack of thought put forward to the point he/she is trying to make (I'm going to assume from this point on it is a man. Feel free to tell me in the comments why I'm probably wrong about this assumption.). The first line is an attack. At whom, you ask? I have no clue... 'faggots' apparently. And, as we all know in a modern society that can mean anyone from homosexuals, a bundle of sticks, anyone who annoys you, or (as South Park put it) people who drive motorcycles. Shouldn't you at least make sure that the people you are attacking know you are attacking THEM, not somebody else? So, I have no idea to whom this message is directed. I'm going to assume, me.

Also, who is 'we". Does he have a conjoined twin that I'm not aware of? Shouldn't he announce that, lest he confuse his readers? Does he mean the majority of YouTube Yeah Yeah Yeah fans? That's pretty ballsy, speaking for a group of that size. Does he mean the band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? If so he is making an erroneous claim. Obviously, the band is grateful for the publicity that Glee has brought their music. Also, if they had a problem with Glee the way that he obviously does, they wouldn't have allowed their music on the show. I'm going to assume he has a conjoined twin.

The first line seems to be what he REALLY wants to say. The second line seems like it was thrown on because he realized, right before he clicked the "post" button that he should probably back up his viewpoint if he is going to be taken seriously. Not a bad idea, as he hasn't voice his opinion very astutely. And, Momma always said, "If you are going to talk out your ass, you better have a good reason for it." Sadly, he failed to use any logic at all in his defense of his words and only furthered his efforts to look like a total tool. 

He changes from 'we' to 'i' here. Does that mean his half-formed conjoined twin does care that "Glee exposed YYY to more people"? If so, maybe he should listen to her/him/it. (I will be saying "it" from now on. Who cares if it is PC?) Because, judging by this comment, "it" is probably the one who got the bigger brain.  I bet, "it" would have formed a better sentence than: 'They audience is the wrong people.' Just sayin'.

By the way, if you want to listen to some Yeah Yeah Yeah music... Watch this!

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I got a good laugh out of this! I don't know why people get so angry when bands become exposed and more mainstream...I like indie music too, but I also realize that they're in the business to make a living, and they can't profit unless they get more popular. It's the way it works.

Exactly. Complaining that an artist has entered the mainstream is a waste of time. You can no more revert an artist to an indie status than you can change the matter the moon is made up of into ground up carpeting. And, nor should you want to. In both cases, the things you want to change are probably just fine the way that they are. Some people just like to complain, I think.

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